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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an action and adventure survival battle royal game, in which 100 players jump out of an airplane landing on an island. This island contains lots of guns, grenades, armor, helmets and many more items for the player’s survival. You can play with your squad, duo or solo.

BGMI Outfits

So, all you need to do is survive the map and kill all the enemies. As the time passes, the map will get shorter and you will need to get to the play zone. After every zone shrink, you will receive an airdrop which contains high quality supplies for the player’s survival. The last man standing wins the game Kwon as winner winner chicken dinner in this game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most played games in India. And the main reason for which this game is so overrated is not only it’s gameplay but also the outfits, gun skins, car skins, etc. Which we get from royal pass or from crate opening. And this is obvious that we will not get these things for free, we have to spend money and buy UC to get all those skins and outfits. Thus, we have launched an application known as ‘BGMI – Daily UC’ from which you can get UC for free.

BGMI – Daily UC

Welcome to BGMI – Daily UC, here you can get Free UC BGMI just by using your daily social media. This UC is in your game for enjoying the elite features of BGMI.

BGMI – Daily UC

How to get Free UC BGMI

Step1: Download BGMI – Daily UC and install it on your device. Click Here to Download.

Step2: Register on the application and get 150 Points as Sign-up Bonus.

BGMI-Daily UC Register
Register on app

Step3: Collect Points by watching YouTube videos, using Facebook, Instagram or by playing games on the application.

BGMI-Daily UC Collect Points
Collet Points

Step4: And finally, redeem your UC in just 1 single click! Enjoy…

BGMI-Daily UC Redeem UC
Redeem UC

Motive of making BGMI – Daily UC

So, the main motive of making BGMI – Daily UC is for the kids gamers who don’t earn money. And our Indian parents does not give money to their children for wasting on a game such as BGMI. So, there are many kids who save their pocket money, and try to collect money for buying UC. This is very sad, because many kids get pocket money for having there tiffin while going to school. And what they do is they do not eat with that money instead they save it for buying UC.

Even I have faced this issue as I am from a poor middle class family. As a result, my father work very hard to earn money and I never wasted a single rupee of his income on any game. So, I thought this application can be used by the kids gamers who will not have to pay but can get Free UC by using this application.

The Success of BGMI – Daily UC

So, This application already have 50k+ downloads and 6.89k+ good reviews with a 4.5 stars rating on Google Play store. Many people have already redeemed thousands of UC from this application just by watching YouTube videos and using their daily life social media. So if you also want to get BGMI UC for free then you must download and use this application. We have got 24/7 customer support on WhatsApp.


How To Use BGMI – Daily UC

So, It’s very easy to use this application, all you need to do is first download and install BGMI – Daily UC. After installing open it and complete the sign up process and you will get 150 points for free as signup bonus. Then there are many facilities in this application, you can watch YouTube videos, use your Instagram, Facebook and can play many Facebook games in the games menu. While doing all this there is a button named ‘get points’ just click on it and you will get 5 points in every 5 minutes.

Collect these points as much as you can, the more you collect the points the more UC  you will get, as this points are used to redeem UC. After collecting at least 1200 points you can go for the redeem. So, for redeem you just need to enter your BGMI ID and it’s done. You will receive your UC directly on your BGMI account in just 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions For BGMI – Daily UC

  1. Users must register on BGMI – Daily UC application using a valid mobile number.
  2. If any user try to change the data of point using 3rd party platforms, his or her account will be permanently banned.
  3. Our team support partners are very quick and friendly. So, Misbehaving or any kind of abusive language with our team support partners can lead your redeem to be null/void.
  4. Using more than 1 device for collecting points at the same time can lead you to a penalty of reduction of points.
  5. You must download BGMI – Daily UC from the official play store (click here to download). If you are using any third party websites for downloading the application then your account may get ban.


This application provides Free BGMI UC for thousands of users. A lot of money is spend in this process. And I am not a millionaire. So, I can’t afford these redeems from my own pocket. As a result, this application contains many Google ads. And the money generated from those ads are used for our users redeems. I know, ads are very irritating. But, in this case, whenever you see an ad on BGMI – Daily UC application, don’t get upset. Instead, be happy because the more ads you receive the better I can do for this application in future updates. Feel free to contact us. That’s it. For more details watch the video below.

How to use BGMI – Daily UC
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